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The benefits of a NATIVE lecturer

Why is learning from a Native English lecturer better for advanced students?

For slightly advanced students of English (B1+), it is better to learn with a Native English lecturer because the lessons are 100% in English and consist of natural English to help build better habits.


In addition, the approach to teaching (and learning) English is very different to that of Slovak and Slovak lecturers. 


Slovak language is taught with a lot of textbook theory to explain the syntax (rules), however English is an analytical language, which means that it is constructed from historical and popular patterns that repeat with minimal grammatical changes and is learned more naturally and effectively through a lot of high quality conversation practice that can be used easily in the real world. 

For children and adults that are new to English (A1-A2), we recommend experienced Slovak lecturers to help get started on your English learning journey. Contact 'Everyday English' for details on

Philip Le Mottée

Senior Native Lecturer, Founder & CEO









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