Imagine achieving your goals in life just by changing ONE thing - your English fluency. Whether you want to move abroad, or to be an entrepreneur, or to make your small business more profitable by reaching richer foreign markets, or even to be the CEO of a large company one day, fluent English is vital to achieving these things and this programme is one of the greatest investments you can make in yourself! Lessons are available online or in our classroom.

Our 'Intensive Talks' programme has been specifically designed with people just like you in mind and includes a lot of diverse topics to help improve your speaking skills. See our topic list of over 650 topics here! 

Experience the global world that native English speakers enjoy and the many fantastic international opportunities it offers. Your future choices will grow with a skilled native English lecturer guiding your progress and helping you achieve your business and life goals.

This private lessons programme is a higher level course for people who want to take big steps in progress towards fluency and build confidence beyond the basic conversation topics that are typical with non native lecturers. The  'Intensive Talks' programme is unique, so we recommend contacting us early to reserve your times. Places are limited.


It's fast, it's frantic, it's fun and it's effective! 

16 topics + 2 free topics*


Earn 40€ cash back!

A general refresh package


32 topics + 4 free topics*


Earn 90€ cash back!

A great balance of price and results


64 topics + 8 free topics*


Earn 200€ cash back!

The ultimate package!




Maximum flexibility, Maximum benefit, Maximum value!

Purchase THIS package before 30 September and receive a discount of 15% off the price below!

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Purchase THIS package before 30 September and receive a discount of 10% off the price below!
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Purchase THIS package before 30 September and receive a discount of 5% off the price below!

> Note: cancellation of any lesson must be made at least 24 hours prior to the lesson time to avoid being charged. Regular cancellations may result in your lesson schedule being changed. <

Improve your English fluency and your general knowledge of hundreds of topics on our list with our 'purpose built' programme! Topics range in variety & complexity and are designed so that you talk for up to 95% of each lesson.

Each topic involves you presenting the information (online or in the classroom) that you have about the topic for approximately 10 minutes (guided and corrected by your native English lecturer), plus approximately 5 more minutes of answering questions and building your understanding of any new vocabulary; then we move on to your next topic to build habits by including what you have learned from earlier topics.

To get the best results, you need to prepare before each lesson. Combine what you already know about your chosen topics with some research and discover new vocabulary to include when you talk about it. We have created a simple template for you to use to help you to structure your speaking style effectively and to build consistent speaking habits, which will result in better fluency from lesson to lesson. 


Cash Back rewards are a reward system to encourage students to speak more and broaden their skills and knowledge. As motivation, complete your package in the timeframes below and earn Cash Back rewards, which are paid at the completion of the purchased package or can be used as a discount for another package. The table below represents the maximum lessons to earn the full Cash Back reward. For each additional 30 minutes of lessons required to complete your package of topics, your Cash Back reward is reduced by 20€.

*Free topics are an additional bonus to reward fast results and ensure you can still enjoy any remaining lesson time in your purchased package:

     16 topics + 2 free topics:     4x  60 minutes

     32 topics + 4 free topics:     8x  60 minutes

     64 topics + 8 free topics:  16x  60 minutes


If you prefer to join a conversation group class or our unique 'Innovations Project' teams, or to have basic '1 to 1 individual lessons', please contact us for details.


  • We guarantee that there is no financial risk to you choosing this programme. You do not need to pay your invoice until the day following your first lesson. After your first 30 minutes, if you don't like the programme, advise your teacher and you will not be charged for that 30 minutes (it will be free) and the rest of the course and your invoice will be cancelled without any penalty;

  • Bigger packages earn higher Cash Back rewards to encourage better results;

  • There is no time limit on completing your package, you can learn as quickly or slowly as you wish. If you need to get fluent very quickly, try one of our Challenges;

  • You can choose to reserve regular* fixed times in advance for all your lessons to guarantee your preferred lesson times or reserve your lessons with your teacher on an ad-hoc basic (from available times) and complete your package at a slower pace;

  • Choose from 30, 60, 90 or 120 minute lesson times, according to your preference;

  • Intensive Talks topic lengths are a maximum of 15 minutes for each topic to qualify for Cash Back rewards (see details). Complex/interesting topics can be split into 2 or more topics of 15 minutes each;

  • Prices are for 1 person, but you can bring a similar level friend/family member for a reduced price per person.  Ask us for further details; 

  • You receive a personalised confirmation letter of 'study with a native English lecturer' at the completion of your package that is perfect to add to your Curriculum Vitae (CV) as a reference.